Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

HumAngle+ is the community arm of HumAngle media, where you can interact directly with the newsroom, get access to particular focus and exclusive long reads, speak to editors directly and privately consult on issues around our core niche.

While the native HumAngle media page does cover a lot of the conflict happening across africa and Nigeria, the HumAngle+ goes the extra mile of publishing in-depth exclusives and analysis around an even more defined niche. As a subscriber, you would not just have access to brilliant and exclusive content, but you also have access to our renowned and award-winning reporters with whom you can book a one-on-one session, or even request a report.

HumAngle+ gives each subscriber an exclusive view of the conflict happening across Nothern Nigeria, beyond that, however, we also accept requests from subscribers who want information on specific topics. We also provide you with access to our reporters.

HumAngle+ will provide you and your organisations with in-depth and exclusive access to information on insecurity you will not find elsewhere. With a HumAngle+ subscription, you and your organisation will be able to make better business, safety, and policy decisions.

HumAngle+ provides all subscribers with exclusive and in-depth reports on insecurity in Nigeria’s Northern region. In addition to this, members can also request bespoke reports that speak to their specific needs. You can also browse through our regularly updated insecurity dashboards to stay abreast of insecurity trends.

Intending members who have not subscribed to HumAngle+ will only be able to read the first paragraph of the reports on the membership page. However, once payment is made, the subscriber will be able to read the entire catalogue on the platform.

  • Monthly subscriptions to HumAngle+ will cost $11.99. However, subscribers can also reach out with specific requests at an agreed-upon fee. Subscribers also get a discount on annual subscriptions and upon referrals.
  • Monthly subscription =  ($11.99)
  • Annual subscription =   ($109.99)

HumAngle+ accepts card payments on the platform. You can pay for HumAngle+ using your Mastercard, Verve, and/or Visa cards.

Yes, paying for membership annually will save you up to $33.96 on monthly payments. Annual subscribers will pay $109.99 for yearly subscriptions.

Joining the membership program will provide subscribers with not only access to special and exclusive reports but also access to the specialized experts that wrote them. Subscribers also get access to the Membership dashboards that provide regular indepth statistics on issues such as attacks on farms and farmers in Nigeria’s Northeast, Northwest and North-central regions.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

No, we do not, however, it is something we are looking toward having in the near future.

Yes, Humangle+ is available to everybody regardless of the region you come from or reside in.

Interested organizations or groups can opt to sign up an entire team for a membership subscription. This subscription will allow organizations to have an organizational account with their teammates registered under it.

To ensure that all subscribers never miss out on a publication, excerpts of reports will be sent directly to members’ mailboxes.

All reports will be sent to members’ mailboxes as they are published, however, users must sign in to the website to read beyond the paywall.

Yes, we understand the thirst for knowledge and know that our users may want even more information than provided. For this reason, HumAngle+ offers its members the privilege to interact with our editors and reporters.

HumAngle+ provides you with the ability to make bespoke requests specific to them. As long as the request falls within the HumAngle niche and policy, it will be attended to.

Having the right kind of information helps us to make the right decisions. Security is germane to all endeavors, therefore, having up-to-date security information helps you to make informed decisions and guide your planning. This is what HumAngle+ offers.

The reports available under the Membership community will cover important angles and explore meanings beneath the layers. For businesses, policymakers, and those in the humanitarian sector, we provide unique insight and data for understanding the sectors better (as it relates to conflict) so they can make more informed decisions.

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